Developing a carbon capture system to reduce CO2

As Cyan Cycle, we are developing a biological carbon capture system to reduce emissions and simultaneously generate a sustainable source of biomass. Utilising cyanobacteria to bind carbon, we aim to cultivate this microorganism by using emissions as the carbon source. Learn more about our vision,  technology, and team, and help us advance our technology in order to capture CO2 in a

cyan cycle

Our Cause

Transformation to a sustainable society is a long and complex process. Overcoming the climate crisis requires immediate solutions that improve production processes today. Learn more about why we do what we do.

Our Technology

Cyan Cycle is developing a new kind of bioreactor, in which CO2 is captured by cyanobacteria. The resulting biomass can be further used as a carbon neutral feedstock in various biochemical production processes. Find out what our carbon capture system can do!

About us

realising an innovative and complex project like ours requires a broad set of skills and motivation to keep things running. Click here to get to know us!