About us

Our team consists of a mix of members from various scientific backgrounds. With knowledge ranging from the field of biotechnology, to physics, and process engineering, we strive towards creating a robust bioreactor system that can be incorporated at production sites around the world.

Nikolaus Mandelburger

As the brains behind the operation, Nikolaus designs, builds, and tests all things concerning the bioreactor system. Since coming up with the concept, Nikolaus has worked relentlessly to make his idea a reality.

Alina conducts research and experiments to further the development of our reactor system. As the biochemist in our team, most of her work is in the lab to ensure a functioning cultivation process and high quality biomass.

Anna Buchner

In order for everything to run smoothly, Anna manages the organisation, documentation, and contact with stakeholders of the project. With team working sessions, she also ensures a healthy and fruitful team environment.

Christopher Kimmel

He plans, strategises, and oversees. Christopher is responsible for setting objectives and milestones and overseeing the progress of the project. He formulates official documents and strategies for our long-term vision.

Silvester Kößler

As our product designer, Silvester specializes in bringing our vision into tangible forms. His expertise in industrial design significantly enhances our prototypes, ensuring they are not only functional but also visually captivating.

Our Story

October, 2022

Algal project is born

Nikolaus, Christopher, and Anna form a team in the 13th Austrian Sustainability Challenge, a transdisciplinary programme in which students, start-up coaches, and partner organisations create innovative solutions for socio-ecological transformation and work towards the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

June, 2023

Cyan Cycle debues

Nikolaus and Christopher present the first official prototype of the reactor system and present the project at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

October, 2023

Cyan Cycle gains support by ATTACCA

Cyan Cycle receives financial support from the ATTACCA GmbH to further the development of the biorector system.

May, 2024

Cyan Cycle joins forces with accent incubator

accent is the high-tech incubator of Lower Austria. Guided by the principle of 'Competence and Passion,' accent supports us focused and passionately with an intensive program to take our start-up to the next level.

August, 2024

First full-scale trial run

By August 2024, the bioreactor is developed to allow the first full-scal reactor trial run. On site implementation and recycling of CO2 can start after the full-scale system is stabalised and scaling of the reactor system can begin.