Our Technology

Our aim is to develop a carbon capture system in which we can sustainably grow biomass. Building such a bioreactor is a multidisciplinary venture involving many different tasks concerning mechanical engineering, biochemical engineering, computer science, research, experimenting and more. Having already designed and developed a prototype to a formidable degree, we soon hope to test it in real world trials runs.

A cycle begins

In order to capture carbon and sustainably produce biomass, we are developing our own system. Our current prototype consists of a cultivation chamber that is equipped with necessary sensors to measure important parameters. Additionally, the novel design of our tank optimises the cyanobacteria’s growth rate – maximising CO2 uptake and biomass production.

Control System

Next to the physical aspects of our reactor, our software behind the bioreactor automates important tasks. From cultivation up to the harvesting process, our control system monitors and regulates all aspects of a cultivation cycle and allows for efficient runtime with minimal downtime.

Production of Resources

After maximal cultivation, the amassed cyanobacteria is harvested and can be used as a sustainable feedstock for various biochemical production precesses. After some treatment steps, our biomass can be used, for example, to produce lactic acid, a chemical compound used in a multitude of different products. Among others, it can be used to produce biodegradable bioplastics.

End of a Cycle…

After the automated harvesting procedure, the bioreactor is empty and ready to start a new cycle of capturing CO2 and growing cyanobacteria.

Find out how our journey started and get to know the core team of cyan cycle!